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Payment Gateway

If you chose the contract option, your credit card will be charged today for 12 months worth of service.You can renew after 1 year.

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Platform charges

 Base Platform
$149.00 (x12 - contract price) $179.00 (per month - no contract)
 Marketing Platform
$49.00 (x12 - contract price) $59.00 (per month - no contract)
 Feedback Platform
$59.00 (x12 - contract price) $69.00 (per month - no contract)
 UPS Integration
$55.00 (x12 - contract price) $59.00 (per month - no contract)

One-time charges

 One-time setup ($500)
 Wireless barcode scanner ($495)
 Wired barcode scanner ($200)
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When you make a payment using, your credit/debit card information will not be stored by or transmitted to PrinterAssistant., the trusted leader in online payments, enables PrinterAssistant to securely receive payments online without storing your financial information on servers managed or owned by PrinterAssistant. helps protect your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. The full terms of the Privacy Policy and Electronic Fund Transfer Rights and Error Resolution Policy are available on the website, which you are welcome to review at any time. If you want a copy of your receipt sent to you, enter your email address when prompted. By proceeding, you agree to have your credit card charged for the amount you specify.