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How do you make multiple packages?

After a barcode is scanned, let’s say I want to know make 5 labels with the same info. How do I do that?

1. Scan the barcode and fill in all info on Package 1 (weight and dimensions MUST be included)
2. On the bottom, click on the right arrow to add a 2nd package (this will be removed later)
3. Hit the left arrow to go back to package 1. You will see all the specs that you entered on package 1.
4. Press the REPEAT button for as many boxes you need PLUS 1. So if you want 5 boxes, click REPEAT until you see “of 6”.
5. Go back to package 2 (this DOES NOT have all the specs). Hit “DELETE PKG”

You should now have 5 box labels.


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