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How do I make sure I don’t contact my client too much when asking for feedback.

Although we do want to make it easy for clients to provide feedback, it is important not to ask for feedback too much. For example if a client does several jobs in 1 week with you, we want to make sure the client will not get several emails asking for feedback.

Our system is built so that there is a waiting time established and we will not ask for feedback again until the waiting time is satisfied. Feedback is sent automatically after a job is “picked up” from the system.

For example, the default waiting time is 45 days (this can be changed to fit your business–see below). Once a survey/feedback email is sent, another email will not be sent until the 45 day threshold is met regardless of how many jobs get done in that 45 day period.

Here is how you customize this waiting period (threshold).


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