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UPS Worldship Integration

How does PrinterAssistant handle box sizes? Do we have to add them manually when we scan the job in?

We recommend you contact UPS for options for recording box weight and box measurements automatically. There are scales that can be plugged directly into UPS Worldship. Sometimes if you do enough shipping, UPS will give you a discount (or give it to you for no out of […]

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How do I setup UPS line item shipping in Printsmith Vision?

PrinterAssistant supports line item shipping for UPS. To do this, open a line item and add a charge. Follow the arrows on the image below to set up the address to ship to. Once this is done, print a job ticket and you should find a bar […]

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I am using to make labels and I understand I need UPS Worldship. What’s the different and is there a cost?

Yes, you need to have UPS Worldship installed in order to integrate with PrinterAssistant. Printing labels on is a slower way to generate labels. There is no cost difference with using UPS Worldship vs, but you probably should upgrade your printer to the Zebra thermal […]

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