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I see there are 10 cross-selling products. How do I change those?

The 10 cross-selling products/services can be changed, however at this time we don’t give clients access to those fields. Simply let us know what you would like to change, and we will gladly make the change for you. Keep in mind, if you do this after recordings […]

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How do I make sure I don’t contact my client too much when asking for feedback.

Although we do want to make it easy for clients to provide feedback, it is important not to ask for feedback too much. For example if a client does several jobs in 1 week with you, we want to make sure the client will not get several […]

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Can I change the pre-packaged questions?

Yes! You can. The only issue occurs if you change the questions after clients have already answered your first set of questions. Your prior answers may no longer apply to the new set of questions. You may want to consider wiping out the previous answers and start fresh with new […]

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