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Integrated Marketing

Your existing customers are the easiest people to sell to and the least costly to reach.


PrinterAssistant automates marketing to your existing customers in three ways:

1) Inserting ads into:

  • Customer emails
  • Your website
  • Online customer surveys
  • Customer’s online job status page
It does this using a sophisticated platform that lets you create ads using built-in templates and then displays them in random order. You can cross-sell services to your clients generating new business with almost no effort.


2) Automatically inserting feedback surveys into:

  • Customer emails
  • Invoices transmittals
  • Newsletters
It does this by letting you insert a link to an online survey engine that lets you easily create surveys. PrinterAssistant handles the user interaction, tracks replies and you can view results from your PrinterAssistant dashboard


3) Monitors your MIS system for customer activity and sends you an email Alert when a client has not placed a new order in more than a specified time period so you can contact the client and win them back.

See one of our pre-designed sample ads below. The system allows you to upload your own.