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Account Alerts

Keep your cash flow flowing.


Don’t lose track of your clients

With so many clients and fast moving jobs, it is can be very difficult to keep track when clients ordered last from you. That contact person you may have worked with in the past may have left the organization and an opportunity could be missed. On a schedule that you can set (i.e. 90 days), our system will alert you when the client has not placed an order with you. You can then make sure you are in good standing with the client.


One-click contact

We know how busy you are. When our alert system lets you know about a client that hasn’t done business with you, the contact information is delivered to you as well. With one click, you can contact the client immediately and bring them back.


Identify the late payers

Late paying and non-paying clients hurt cash flow. PrinterAssistant helps you avoid this by sending you and/or your bookkeeper an email alert when an account goes overdue so you can take action.