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Automatic Feedback

Stay on top of your performance.

Every organization needs to know how customers feel about their products and services. Consistent and timely survey requests are important to keep client satisfaction high.
Our automatic feedback process will email surveys to your clients quietly in the background and help you manage those surveys for your company.

You can customize the questions that you would like to ask on your surveys, and you can also ask your clients what kind of other products/services they may be interested in purchasing from you.

You can also specify the kind of products you would like to cross-sell. You will be alerted immediately whenever a client sends you a survey. Surveys can be included with the base plan, and you can also purchase the automatic feedback application from us as a stand-alone product.

Our process does NOT require that you upload any information to us manually. We collect information from you automatically and contact your client the day after the order is complete.


Important Note: Our technology will ensure that clients¬†don’t get too many survey requests. Too many survey requests would bother them. You control how often you want to contact them.

Use positive feedback to create new leads

Our service will receive the feedback from your clients and report the results back to you. If your client gives you a 4 or 5 star on all survey questions, our system will give the client the option to post that feedback on your Google+ page. This has been known to increase Internet traffic for your business. With more positive feedback on your Google page, you can drive more Internet traffic to your business.


There are two types of feedback/survey requests we offer.

  1. Feedback requests sent after a job is complete
    – Surveys are automatically emailed to your clients after the job is complete.
  2. Seasonal feedback requests can be scheduled up to 3 times per year
    – Seasonal feedback can be scheduled ahead of time and will be sent to anyone that has done a project with you within the last 12 months. This could be helpful since some clients may only do a job once a year.